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Top Scary Voice Text to Speech Tools in 2024

As the digital world expands, the demand for more immersive and emotionally engaging content does, too. Whether you’re a storyteller looking to chill the spines of your audience, a game developer aiming to enhance atmospheric tension, or a prankster wanting to spook your friends, a scary voice TTS technology can transform your audio into a hair-raising experience.

But what exactly is scary voice TTS? Simply put, it’s a form of text to speech technology designed to generate eerie, haunting, and downright terrifying voiceovers. These voices can mimic everything from the sinister whisper of a ghost to the menacing growl of a monster lurking in the dark.

The applications of scary voice TTS are as varied as they are fascinating. In entertainment, horror game developers use these voices to create an atmosphere of dread, enhancing the gaming experience by making it feel as though the creatures of the night are whispering right in your ear. Audiobook producers and podcast creators utilize these spooky effects to bring horror stories to life, giving voice to characters that haunt the listener long after the tale ends.

For the marketing mavens, imagine launching a Halloween campaign where your promotions are whispered by a voice that could belong to the infamous Dracula or a cackling witch. The possibilities for engagement are endless, turning a simple advertisement into an unforgettable experience.

But it’s not just about fun and games; educational content creators can use scary voice TTS to capture their audience’s attention in a novel way, making lessons on gothic literature or the history of horror films more engaging and memorable.

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How to Achieve a Creepy AI Voice Using a Text to Speech Software?

Achieving a scary voice using a text to speech software involves multiple factors. Here is how each element contributes to generating a chilling effect:

Deep and Menacing Tone

Select a voice with a menacing and deep tone to evoke fear and nervousness in the listener. This tone should convey darkness and authority, resembling the voice of an evil antagonist or a lurking presence.

Sinister or Eerie Inflections

Adjust the pitch and intonation of the voice to generate sinister or eerie inflections. You can easily infuse the speech with subtle tones that hint at malevolence or otherworldly origins. This can include adding a slight distortion, raspiness, or unnatural modulation to the voice.

Slow and Deliberate Pace

Control the speech pace to be deliberate and slow, drawing out every word for maximum effect. A slow pace builds tension and suspense, letting the auditor’s imagination run wild with expectation.

Strategic Pauses

Employ strategic pauses to punctuate core moments and improve the dramatic effect. Pauses can generate moments of silence that amplify the tension, letting the listener dwell on the impending horror.

Eight Best Scary Voice Text to Speech Generators

Choosing the perfect text to speech scary voices software is crucial for creators looking to evoke fear, excitement, and suspense. Here are the top eight TTS software options for achieving the most haunting and scary voices:


Speechify is a highly rated scary text to speech tool offering a wide range of voices with creepy effects and customizable parameters. One of its standout features is the ‘Ghostly Whisper’ effect, which transforms your voice into a creepy whisper reminiscent of ghostly visions. 


Personalized for a global user base, Narakeet supports 90 diverse languages and offers a vast choice of 700 voices. Using this tool, you can create up to 20 free scary text to speech mp3 files and find the ideal voice to match the tone of creepy narratives.

iMyFone VoxBox

iMyFone VoxBox is a leading creepy voice generator, perfect for creating horror-themed content or pranking friends during Halloween. This AI tool enhances festivities by adding an extra element of excitement. You can choose from creepy voices, such as Analog Horror, Ghostface, and more, to give your friends a scare.

With its extensive customization options and intuitive platform, iMyFone VoxBox is an outstanding choice for users who want to craft spine-chilling and unique voices.


If you are seeking an online scary voice text to speech online generator, then Typecast is your solution. With Typecast, you can create AI-powered voices for free, lasting up to 60 seconds. You can pick from an immense set of 130+ AI voices and AI avatars spanning diverse ranges, facilitating smooth content creation.

Typecast’s specialized horror voices and simple-to-use interface make it an ideal choice for creators seeking to produce fear and tension in their audience. For instance, you can use Sindarin’s sad voice for an overly dramatic wizard voice, or Icarus’ documentary voice can be changed to achieve the scary voice effect. In addition, one can select from options like Santa, Emma, and Agatha from the voice library that offers the choice among age brackets and content types.


With CereProc, you gain unmatched versatility as it flawlessly integrates with multiple software and devices. It also offers the exceptional feature of replacing device voices, enabling you to tailor your ringtone with a spooky voice. Cereproc’s lifelike voices and broad language support make it a standout choice for users who prioritize realism in their scary voice creations.

Its exceptional voice cloning service allows the generation of custom creepy voices to suit your requirements. Cereproc offers choices like Demon, Ghost, Pixie, Robot, Goblin, Dodo, and Claire that are well suited for creating a scary voice. 


TopMediai’s scary text to speech online solution offers an extensive library of over 3,200 AI voices in more than 70 languages. This platform allows users to access a vast library of AI voices to meet specific narrative and linguistic requirements.

Voices like Darth Vader, Optimus Prime, Creepy Little Girl, Jarvis, and Yoda can be used to generate scary voiceovers. 


With Cepstral’s scary voice text to speech advanced tool, you can dive deep into the world of fear and suspense like never before. It provides the technology to keep listeners on the edge of their seats. Cepstral lets users adjust parameters like pitch, tone, and speed for creepy effects and gives lifelike expressions for an enhanced scare factor. Voice effects like Dizzy Droid, Liquid Love, Old Robot, PVC Pipe, Spacetime Echo, and Split Personality empower users to transform their narrations into spooky experiences. 


With Lovo’s modern technology, you can unleash eerie narratives and spine-chilling atmospheres like never before. It provides diverse terrifying voices and customizable traits to bring your imaginings to life. With 100+ languages and 500+ voices available, Lovo AI offers ultra-realistic AI voices precisely designed for horror and thriller genres at your fingertips.

Lovo’s dedicated horror voices and robust editing tools make it a perfect choice for creators seeking to craft immersive and spine-chilling audio experiences. It offers voices like Villanous Beast and Cunning Goblin that can be used to create horror and scary voiceovers. 

Summing Up

The impact of a well-executed scary voice cannot be overstated. It is the cornerstone of creating an atmosphere steeped in tension and fear, vital for horror storytelling, gaming, and even unique marketing campaigns. The right voice can transform a narrative, making it heard and felt as it resonates with the primal fears that lie within all of us.

The tools listed above Speechify, Narakeet, iMyFone Voxbox, Typecast, CereProc, Top Med AI, Cepstral, and Lovo each offer unique features that cater to different needs within horror audio production. From deep, menacing tones to eerie, whispered inflections, these platforms provide the capabilities to bring your scariest scripts to life.

As you venture into the world of horror content creation, consider these options carefully. Experiment with each to understand which aligns best with your artistic vision and technical requirements. The right scary voice TTS software not only enhances your project’s auditory experience but also deepens the emotional impact, ensuring your audience remains captivated and, most importantly, terrified.


What is a scary voice TTS software, and how does it work?

Scary voice TTS software transforms written text into spoken words with a spooky or menacing tone. Users input the text into the software, select a desired frightening voice, and the software processes the text to speech output that sounds ghostly, haunted, or terrifying, suitable for horror-themed content.

Can I customize the level of scariness in the voices produced by the software?

Yes, users can customize the level of scariness in most scary voice TTS tools by adjusting parameters such as pitch, speed, volume, and tone. This allows for fine-tuning the voice to fit various horror contexts, from subtly eerie to deeply terrifying, according to the user’s creative needs.

Can I use the scary voice TTS for commercial projects, such as horror-themed advertisements or podcasts?

Scary voice TTS can be effectively used for commercial endeavors like horror-themed advertisements, podcasts, and other multimedia projects. However, to use these voices legally, it’s important to ensure you have the appropriate commercial licenses from the software provider.

Are there special effects or additional features to enhance the scariness of the voices?

Many scary voice TTS programs have additional features, such as background horror sounds, echo effects, and voice modulation capabilities, to enhance the audio’s scariness. These features can help create a more immersive and chilling auditory experience.

What file formats support exporting the creepy voice text to speech audio?

MP3, WAV, and AAC are standard file formats that are supported for exporting audio in any TTS software. These text to speech voice formats ensure compatibility with a wide range of audio systems and media platforms, making incorporating creepy AI voices into various projects easy.

How do you make a creepy text to speech voice?

Creating a creepy text to speech voice involves selecting the right voice model and tweaking settings like pitch, speed, and modulation to achieve an unsettling effect. Experiment with different adjustments to match the specific horror tone you need, from whispery ghosts to growling monsters.

Can the scary voice TTS software be integrated with other applications or platforms?

Yes, most scary voice TTS software can be integrated with other applications or platforms through APIs or plugins. This flexibility allows for the seamless inclusion of creepy voiceovers in video games, mobile apps, or interactive entertainment platforms, enhancing the user experience.

How do I get started with the scary voice text to speech software?

To begin using scary voice TTS software, select a program that fits your needs, install or use it online, and familiarize yourself with its features. Then, start experimenting with various voice settings and effects to understand how best to achieve the desired creepy auditory effects for your projects using text to speech voice.