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Top Five Voice Changer for Xbox


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Whatever your use case, Xbox voice changer software is just what you need. So, what exactly is a voice changer? Simply put, it's software that can modify your voice in real-time, changing its pitch and tone. You can even add special effects. With a voice changer at your disposal, you can sound like anyone or anything you want—a monster, a robot, a cartoon character; you name it!

Using a voice changer on Xbox can be especially fun, as it lets you fully immerse yourself in your favorite game. Imagine speaking like Master Chief from Halo or Marcus Fenix from Gears of War it can elevate your gaming experience.

But voice changers aren't just for gaming. They are also useful for anyone who needs to keep their voice private and anonymous (think: online content creators, journalists, and more). 

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In this guide, we will learn about five Xbox voice changing software that can help make your gaming sessions a tad bit more fun (yes, that is possible). Let's dive in.

Five Best Xbox Voice Changers 

Wondering about the best voice changer for Xbox One? Whether you are looking for a voice changer for Xbox series X or a voice changer for Xbox series S, these five tools are worth considering.

Morphvox JR 

Morphvox JR offers a free voice changer feature that enables you to convert voices into numerous cool and fun characters, such as a Giant, an Orc, and a Cyborg. You can also sound like a man, woman, or little folk.

Top Features

  • Optimized for online games and offers built-in voices and sound effects 

  • UI is tailored to the needs of beginners

  • Great for prank-calling friends via instant messaging platforms

  • With a push of the key or a joystick button, the voice changer can send out car screeches and drum rolls


  • Allows you to add background sound effects to enhance your voice modification

  • Has low system requirements, making it accessible to users with older or less powerful computers


  • Does not offer integrated voice editing features

Supported OS: Windows and Mac

AV Voice Changer 

AV Voice Changer is a feature-rich voice changer software that offers a vast collection of voice effects, allowing you to change your voice to sound like celebrities, animals, or even fictional characters. It supports real-time voice changing during voice chats, online gaming, and recording sessions.

Top Features

  • Includes advanced features like voice morphing, voice parodies, and voice analyzer.

  • Offers a customizable user interface and integration with popular communication programs such as Skype, Discord, and TeamSpeak.


  • Comes with great advanced voice modification features and trimming capability.

  • Supports Speech synthesis.


  • Not user-friendly.

  • Has a steep learning curve.

Supported OS: Windows

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VoiceMeeter is a virtual audio mixer that can be used as voice changer software. While it primarily focuses on audio routing and mixing, it also offers voice modification capabilities. You can use it with communication platforms such as Skype, Google Voice, and Discord. 

Top Features

  • Provides support for several headsets in a single application.

  • Offers the most advanced equalizers for total control over the sounds you record.

  • Offers advanced data security.

  • Ensures high-quality audio.


  • Supports audio formats such as WAV and MP3.

  • Offers diverse voice effects, including Alien, Robot, and Cosmic Echo.


  • Can cause latency.

  • Ideally suited for people with a solid background in audio mixing.

Supported OS: Windows

NCH Voxal Voice Changer 

NCH Voxal Voice Changer allows you to change, modify, and disguise your voice in any application/game that uses a microphone. You can apply a range of voice effects in real time during voice chats and gaming sessions.

Top Features

  • The vocal effect library includes robot, girl, boy, alien, atmospheric, echo, and other voices.

  • Ability to create unlimited custom voice effects.

  • Works seamlessly with all existing applications and games.

  • Ensures low CPU usage and will not interfere with other running applications.


  • Supports both microphone and audio file input, allowing you to modify pre-recorded audio as well.

  • Offers intuitive controls for adjusting voice parameters.

  • Allows you to create and save custom voice effects for later use.


  • The free version has limited voice effects, and the full version requires a purchase.

Supported OS: Windows and Mac

UnicTool MagicVox 

UnicTool is one of the best free voice changers for your PC. Whether you are a gamer, influencer, or vtuber, this software is for you. The software can be used for gaming, voice chatting, or live streaming.

Top Features

  • Access to free AI voices every day.

  • Ability to change voice in real-time with 120+ voice filters.

  • Features such as a voice changer recorder and the ability to upload audio voice change are supported.

  • Offers Custom VoiceStudio and Soundboard for pro-grade.

  • Offers 600+ sound effects and voice memes. 


  • Provides an easy-to-use interface with preset voice effects that can be easily applied with a single click.

  • Allows you to create custom voice effects using the built-in editor.


  • The free version has limitations compared to the paid version.

Supported OS: Free for Windows 

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How to Use Xbox Voice Changer?

Here's a step-by-step process for using an Xbox voice changer to change a voice.

How to Get Voice Changer on Xbox One

Step 1: Download for free or purchase a voice changer device compatible with Xbox. 

Step 2: Select the relevant input and output devices. Click on the Settings button located in the app's left menu bar. You will see a drop-down menu where you may select your computer's microphone and headphones. To enhance clarity, you can also turn on noise reduction and change the level of the sound coming from the microphone.

Step 3: Select the voice filter of your choosing by clicking the VoiceBox from the left menu bar.

Step 4: Download Xbox Console Companion for PC from the Microsoft store on your PC.

Step 5: Turn on your Xbox, choose Xbox One from the Xbox Console Companion app, and connect your Xbox to your computer. 

Step 6: Select the voice changer virtual device as the audio input source in the Xbox Console Companion app. Your Xbox One will now use the selected voice changer app every time you play a game.

How to Get Voice Changer on Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S

Step 1: Download for free or purchase a voice changer device compatible with the Xbox series S or Xbox series X.

Step 2: Next, you'll want to download the Xbox game streaming app to your Windows computer. This will help you to stream games directly from your Xbox series S or Xbox series x to your computer.

Step 3: Navigate to the settings area of the Xbox game streaming app once you open it. Select the Voice and Video option to change the audio source to a microphone. To ensure that a specific Xbox voice changer is the source of all sounds entering the program, choose the input as the Voice Changer Virtual Device.

Step 4: After completing these steps, open the Xbox voice changer app and start playing with the voice effects.

Why You May Need a Voice Changer for Natural Voices?

As a gamer, you cannot deny the benefits (and fun) natural voices can bring to your gaming experience:

  • One, using a voice changer allows you to adopt different personas or characters during multiplayer games, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay. Whether you want to be a fearsome villain, a heroic warrior, or a quirky sidekick, a voice changer empowers you to embody these roles convincingly.

  • Two, voice changers can also protect your privacy online by disguising your true identity. Many gamers use voice changers to remain anonymous while gaming, preventing others from obtaining personal information such as their name or location. This is particularly useful when playing with strangers online, as it adds an extra layer of security.

  • Three, natural sounding voices provided by a voice changer lend authenticity to your in-game communication. It allows you to blend into the game world seamlessly and makes interactions with other players more engaging and immersive. Whether you are coordinating strategies with the team, engaging in role-playing scenarios, or simply bantering with fellow gamers, a voice changer with natural voices helps establish a deeper connection. It fosters a sense of camaraderie within the gaming community.

  • Four, a natural-sounding voice with a unique pitch and tone can help you stand out from other players. This can be especially beneficial when streaming gameplay online, as viewers are more likely to listen to engaging and captivating voices.

The takeaway: By leveraging natural-sounding voices, voice changers can add a new dimension to the gaming world, making it more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Why Murf is the Best Voice Changer Software for Natural Voices?

Want a voice changer software that offers natural-sounding voices, unlike anything you've ever heard? Murf is for you.

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Murf's voice changer feature allows you to:

  • Convert your recorded audio into an editable script

  • Enter your own script

  • Remove or add pauses, delete extraneous words, and arrange the sequences just like editing a Word document.

  • Change your voice into a high-quality AI voice without background noise in three simple steps.

  • Mix multiple voices and choose from a library of 120+ AI voices available in Murf's Studio.

  • Change the gender of your voiceover.

  • Swap the voice in an existing recording with an AI voice.

Overall, Murf offers a diverse collection of voices, allowing you to transform your voice into various characters, celebrities, or unique voices of your choosing. Although Murf.AI's voices cannot be directly added to Xbox, you can easily create or download the preferred voices from the software and employ third-party tools to upload them to your Xbox console.

With its user-friendly interface, robust voice modulation capabilities, and endless potential for customization, Murf is an outstanding voice changer software choice for those seeking natural, captivating voice transformations.


Can you autotune your voice on Xbox?

No, Xbox doesn't have built-in autotune features. However, you can use external software to alter your voice before inputting it into Xbox Chat.

What voice changers work with Xbox?

Xbox doesn't natively support voice changers. To use voice changers on Xbox, you'll need external hardware or software to modify your voice before it reaches the console.

Does Xbox have Discord voice?

Yes, Xbox supports Discord voice chat through the Discord app. You can link your Xbox and Discord accounts to access voice chat while gaming on Xbox.

Can you get a voice changer on Xbox?

Xbox doesn't provide voice changer functionalities directly. To use a voice changer on Xbox, you'll need to connect an external software that can modify your voice before it reaches the console.