Easily integrate Murf voices into Notion using the HTML embed code.

Why integrate Notion with Murf?

Why integrate Notion with Murf?

Add audio files with high-quality voices from Murf AI. Add more value to projects by integrating Murf voiceovers directly into workspaces through the HTML embed code.

How do I embed my work in Notion?

  1. 1

    Click on the <> icon on the top-right hand side of the page

  2. 2

    Click on ‘Generate Embed Code’. This will take a few seconds

  3. 3

    Your code is generated. Click on ‘Copy Code’ and this will be automatically copied to your dashboard

  4. 4

    Visit your ’Notion' page and select ‘Embed Link’ option

  5. 5

    Hit the forward-slash button (/) and type ‘Embed’

Simple right? Seamlessly start embedding now! Want to know more about how to embed Murf Voices? Click here