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While Descript TTS is part of a broader suite of audio and video editing tools, Murf delivers top-notch TTS services with a high degree of customization, affordability, and a user-friendly interface, making it ‘the choice’ for any text to speech needs. 
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Murf vs. Descript: Which TTS is Better?

Murf and Descript are both great TTS tools that can redefine your voiceover game. Let’s examine their strengths and weaknesses to see which TTS is better: 
Total AI Voices
Custom Pronunciation
Alternative spelling and IPA
Alternative spelling
Voice Customization
Speed, pitch, pause, and emphasis
Number of Languages Supported
Voice Editing
Primarily for voiceover production
Primarily for video production
Voice Styles
Voice Cloning
Chrome Extension
Audio Download Formats

What is Descript?

Descript stands out in the digital communication landscape with its innovative text to speech capabilities. It’s not just a voice generator; it also allows users to create an ultra-realistic clone of their voice. The AI-powered platform ensures a natural-sounding synthetic version of your own voice, suitable for any audio or video project. You can generate speech by simply typing your text, a feature that streamlines audio editing and content creation.

Descript also offers an ‘Overdub’ feature that lets users quickly fix mistakes in their recorded audio files without the hassle of re-recording. Beyond just emulating your voice, Descript text to speech offers a library of ultra-realistic stock voices, each perfected with human-like inflections and nuances. This is made possible by Descript’s Lyrebird AI, a leading speech-synthesis technology emphasizing realism and authenticity.

What is Descript Text to Speech Used For?

Descript’s multifaceted capabilities extend across various sectors, offering tailored solutions for diverse applications:

YouTube Videos

Descript transforms the YouTube content creation process into a more efficient and enjoyable experience. It allows creators to edit videos by manipulating the transcript and adding transitions, music, effects, and even keyframe animations. This feature is particularly beneficial for vloggers who can easily enhance their storytelling with zooms and pans.


For podcasters, Descript TTS is undoubtedly a game-changer. It simplifies audio editing to the level of text editing. Descript’s transcription service automatically converts spoken words into text, allowing podcasters to edit their recordings as easily as a document. This feature is particularly useful for removing filler words and making precise edits. Descript also facilitates remote voice recording and provides tools to create engaging audiograms for social media. Its Overdub feature allows for easy voiceover recording or creating placeholder audio, making the podcasting process smoother and more efficient.

Content Marketing

For content marketing, Descript’s tools enable businesses to create compelling video content easily. It simplifies video editing, making the tool accessible even to those without experience. Descript’s capabilities extend to creating engaging narratives for a brand, shifting the focus from explicit product promotion to providing value to the audience.

Learning and Development

Descript text to speech allows educators to make their presentations more accessible by including interactive transcripts and easy-to-create subtitles. The platform also supports the creation of customized hybrid classroom experiences, facilitating the recording and editing of lecture material. Its text-editing interface streamlines video editing, making creating clear, persuasive presentations simpler. Moreover, Descript’s Overdub feature provides realistic voice synthesis, enabling educators to keep their audio file content current and engaging​​​​.

Sales and Customer Success

For sales and customer success teams, Descript offers a unique way to enhance communication and engagement. The ‘Quick Recorder’ feature enables the creation of personalized video messages, which can be edited as easily as emails. This adds a more personal touch to customer interactions. Descript also provides a full suite of creative tools, including an embeddable video player for tutorial videos, live collaboration features, and customizable templates to maintain brand consistency. The platform’s stock media library and cloud storage capabilities further enhance the content creation process, making it a valuable tool for sales and customer success strategies​​​​​​​​​​.

The Best Alternatives to Descript TTS

While Descript offers a range of functionalities, exploring alternatives can be beneficial for several reasons. From nuanced features to specific use-case requirements, considering other options beyond Descript can offer a more tailored and comprehensive approach to fulfilling your audio needs. Here is a list of some of the leading Descript alternatives.


Murf is a versatile AI voice generator that stands out as a top alternative to Descript. It helps create studio-quality voiceovers in minutes, offering over 120 lifelike AI voices in more than 20 languages, catering to various needs across the creative, corporate, education, and entertainment sectors. Its all-in-one voice generator allows users to modify pitch, punctuation, and emphasis, tailoring the AI voices to specific content needs.

Murf can also transform amateur voice recordings into professional voiceovers, making it ideal for home-based creators. It prioritizes data security and compliance, ensuring user security.

This blend of versatility, ease of use, and security makes Murf a compelling choice in the text to speech domain.


ElevenLabs prides itself on its advanced AI voice model, which can generate highly realistic speech in any language, distinguishing it from its counterparts. ElevenLabs’ strength lies in its ability to swiftly clone or create synthetic voices, offering unparalleled versatility.

With a focus on generating high-quality spoken audio in various voices and styles, ElevenLabs ensures that the output is contextually adjusted for human-like intonation and inflection. It supports 29 languages and accommodates diverse accents, making the tool ideal for global content creators. Moreover, ElevenLabs excels in long-form voice generation for projects like audiobooks and web content, offering users complete creative control​​​​.


Speechify converts any written text into spoken words with remarkable naturalness. Its appeal lies in its realistic AI voices, which avoid the robotic tones associated with text to speech. What sets Speechify apart is its ability to read text up to 9x faster than average reading speeds without compromising the sound quality of its AI voices. This feature particularly benefits users like students, professionals, or anyone interested in speed-listening.

Speechify offers a diverse range of high-quality, human-like AI voices in over 30 languages and 100+ accents, making it versatile for global users. Additionally, its cutting-edge OCR technology allows users to scan images and have Speechify read them aloud, enhancing its utility and accessibility.

Natural Reader

Natural Readers stands out for its ability to convert text, PDFs, and over 20 formats into spoken audio, making it highly versatile for various users. Its cross-platform compatibility ensures access to Natural Reader’s functionalities via an online app, mobile app, and Chrome extension. The software supports a wide range of applications, from converting audio for YouTube and eLearning platforms to aiding students with dyslexia and other reading-based learning disabilities.

Natural Reader’s use of neural speech synthesis and deep machine learning results in highly natural and human-like AI voices, significantly enhancing the listening experience. This extensive range of features and its focus on accessibility make Natural Reader a valuable Descript TTS alternative.


15.ai specializes in creating high-quality, real-time character voices using advanced AI, making it a favorite among fans and content creators of popular media. At its core, 15.ai utilizes advanced machine learning and deep learning algorithms to analyze voice lines from various sources, achieving high fidelity in mimicking voice actors’ nuances. This capability has made it popular for generating fan content, memes, and dubs, thus enhancing engagement within fan communities.

15.ai’s real-time synthesis ability opens new avenues for content creators, including podcasters and video game developers, allowing them to produce more efficient AI-generated voiceovers and audio content.

Google Text to Speech

Google Cloud Text to Speech supports numerous languages and dialects, offering a variety of voices for creating interactive global applications. This tool features the Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) for detailed speech customization, including pitch, emphasis, and cadence adjustments.

The Google Cloud Console facilitates easy management of the API, providing a streamlined platform for service oversight and analytics. Additionally, the Audio Config parameter offers control over speech attributes like speaking rate and pitch. Its open-source compatibility and language customization options make it a versatile choice for developers worldwide.

TTS Reader

TTS Reader is a versatile text to speech solution that allows users to type or upload any text, file, website, or book for online listening, proofreading, reading-along, or creating professional mp3 voiceovers. TTS Reader is a free tool compatible with all modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, and does not require any downloads or logins, making it highly accessible​.

Offering multilingual, natural voices in various accents, TTS Reader caters to a diverse user base. It’s particularly adept at extracting and reading aloud text from PDF files and websites, enhancing the reading experience by highlighting text as it’s read. This feature is valuable for individuals who prefer to follow along visually while listening. Additionally, TTS Reader supports exporting synthesized speech to mp3 audio files, although this feature requires a premium subscription on Windows.

Amazon Polly Text to Speech

Amazon Polly offers a high-quality text to speech solution that employs deep learning technologies to produce natural-sounding human speech, supporting a wide range of languages and delivering lifelike studio sound for diverse applications. Amazon Polly’s strengths lie in its ability to customize and control speech output, supporting lexicons and Speech Synthesis Markup Language (SSML) tags for nuanced speech generation.

Polly is versatile, catering to content creation, e-learning, and telephony. It enables users to add speech to applications targeting a global audience, like RSS feeds, websites, and videos. The tool also allows customization of speaking styles, rates, pitch, and loudness, making it adaptable for various use cases. This flexibility, combined with its advanced speech synthesis capabilities, positions Amazon Polly as a strong Descript alternative.

Resemble AI

Resemble AI presents itself as a formidable Descript alternative, excelling in text to speech technology with its advanced AI voice cloning. It offers real-time voice transformation with precise control over inflection and intonation, enabling users to create highly realistic speech to speech conversions without any background noise or surrounding audio. This tool stands out for its comprehensive features, including neural audio editing, language dubbing, emotion expression, and support for up to 100 languages, catering to a global audience.

Resemble AI’s unique ‘Resemble Fill’ feature allows seamless editing of existing speech without re-recording, merging synthetic and human voices effortlessly. Moreover, it’s API and integrations provide robust content creation and localization tools, making it a top choice for professionals seeking versatile and authentic text to speech solutions.

WellSaid Labs

WellSaid Labs stands out as a premier Descript alternative, widely recognized as the leading AI voice platform. It is celebrated for enabling thousands of companies to create engaging, high-quality content efficiently, saving both time and money. Key to its appeal is the ability to fully control the tone, punctuation, and emphasis of AI voices, allowing users to tailor the speech to their exact needs. The platform offers diverse voice avatars, ensuring a perfect match for any brand’s ethos and core values.

Well Said Labs’ AI voices excel in captivating listeners through adept modulation and pacing, making message delivery clear and engaging. This effectiveness extends to global applications, as the platform is adept at navigating a variety of accents and languages.

Why is Murf the Best Alternative to Descript?

Murf stands out as the premier alternative to Descript in the voice generation arena. Its innovative AI text to speech capabilities enable users to effortlessly create lifelike and studio-quality voiceovers. Murf’s voice cloning technology is a game-changer, offering realistic and customizable voice options that surpass the capabilities of Descript text to speech.

Furthermore, Murf excels in creating voice over videos, providing a seamless integration of audio and visual content. Its voice changer feature transforms amateur recordings into professional-grade voiceovers, a capability particularly valuable for content creators and marketers. For collaborative projects, Murf offers an Enterprise plan, enhancing team productivity. In the realm of eLearning, Murf proves particularly effective, converting text-based educational content into audio formats for global accessibility without the need for manual voiceover recordings.

Murf’s unique blend of features, such as the ease of editing and customizing AI voices and its robust security and diverse language support, positions it as the best alternative to Descript for voice generation and related capabilities.


In conclusion, while Descript offers innovative text to speech capabilities, alternatives like Murf stand out, particularly for their extensive range of AI voices, advanced voice cloning, and user-friendly interface. Other options like Eleven Labs, Speechify, and Well Said Labs also provide unique features, catering to diverse needs with their advanced AI models and language support. The choice among these tools hinges on specific requirements such as content type, voice realism, language preferences, and security considerations, reflecting the dynamic and evolving landscape of AI-driven speech synthesis technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Descript, and how does it work?

Descript is a multimedia tool for creating and editing videos and podcasts. It includes a text to speech feature called overdub voice, using Lyrebird AI to create realistic voice clones. Users can type text to generate voice audio for their projects. Descript emphasizes privacy and security, allowing only the creation of voices of the account owner. It’s suitable for various audio and video production needs.

Is Descript free?

Descript offers a free plan that includes everything you need to record, transcribe, edit, and mix audio and video content.

What are the subscription charges for Descript?

Descript’s paid plans include:
•Creator: $12 per user per month, billed annually at $144.
•Pro: $24 per user per month, billed annually at $288.
•Enterprise: Custom pricing for teams of 10 or more.

What is the character limit of Descript?

Descript does not specify a character limit for its text to speech feature.

What are the key features of Descript text to speech software?

Descript’s key features include ultra-realistic voice generation, multilingual voice options, Overdub, noise removal, and more.

Who can use Descript text to speech?

A wide range of users, including podcasters, video content creators, educators, marketers, and businesses can use Descript for their text to speech requirements.

What language and voice styles does Descript text to speech offer?

Text to speech in Descript is currently restricted to English, and it supports multiple voice styles including corporate, conversational, announcer, and inspirational.

Why should I explore alternatives to Descript for text to speech in 2023?

Several Descript alternatives offer better features and pricing structures suited to specific needs. They additionally provide different functionalities, languages, voice styles, or integration options that align more closely with individual or business requirements.

Is Murf better than Descript?

Yes, Murf not only offers a wider range of voices (120+) but also across multiple languages (20+) and accents. Murf also serves as a video editor, enabling users to add voiceovers to an existing video. Additionally, the tool offers various features like voice cloning, voice changer, AI translation, and more.

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