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Pertrain's E-Learning Voiceovers with Murf

Pertrain has been creating training materials for the mining and construction industries for 40+ years. Their expertise in developing engaging e-learning solutions makes them a trusted name in professional development. Focused on collaboration, flexibility, and efficiency, Pertrain helps businesses achieve their training objectives while maximizing value.
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Dependence on voiceover artists incurs high costs and complicates revisions. This setup is neither cost-effective nor flexible.


Turning to Murf helps cut down expenses significantly and makes it really easy to adjust voiceovers as needed.

Man Behind the Change

Glen Coventon, Executive Director at Pertrain, has led the creation of training materials for over 30 years. Seeking to streamline and improve the voiceover process, he explored alternatives to traditional methods. Initially, Glen tried a text-to-speech tool, but it fell short of his expectations. Then, he discovered Murf, which perfectly met his needs. Glen promptly recommended Murf to his clients, who have also adopted it for their voiceovers.
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The Struggle with High Fees and Unreliable Voice Artists

Expensive Voiceovers vs. Low-Quality Alternatives
Glen finds himself in a tight spot: facing high fees from voiceover artists and unsatisfactory results from other text-to-speech tools. He has little option but to return to costly voice actors.
Challenges with Sample Recordings
Traditional voiceover artists rarely offer sample recordings, compelling Glen to create them himself. These makeshift samples often miss the mark, jeopardizing the crucial first impression with clients.
Unreliable Voiceover Artists
Professional voiceover artists come with their own challenges. They are frequently unreachable, demand high fees for any content updates, and struggle with maintaining consistent voice levels, complicating Glen’s work.
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Streamlining Voiceover Operations with Murf

Reducing Costs, Not Quality
Murf significantly reduces voiceover costs for both Glen and his clients. One client even slashed their voiceover budget by over 91% after switching to Murf.
“Switch to Murf and save yourself a fortune.”
Synchronizing Scripts and Voiceovers Seamlessly
With Murf, Glen no longer faces delays between writing scripts and producing voiceovers. This immediate turnaround allows for impressive first impressions and overall happier feedback from clients. Murf's user-friendly and maintenance-free approach makes the whole process smoother.
“We've got a new writer last week, and I showed her how to use Murf because I wanted her to do some e-learning content. And she pretty much picked it up instantly. So, it's fairly easy to use.”
Hassle-Free Editing
Murf transforms Glen's workflow by enabling instant script updates without any additional charges. The tool's AI-generated voices, especially the authentic Australian accents, are nearly indistinguishable from real human voices 98% of the time. This accuracy perfectly aligns with Glen's and his clients' needs.

Glen's Most-Loved Features

Collaborative Workspace
Sharing the creative space with clients is a highlight. This feature means everyone gets to jump in, see what's up, and contribute seamlessly. It's like having everyone in the same room, working together to get it right.
Quick and Easy Subtitle Exports
Generating subtitles used to be a major task, but not anymore. Now, with just a couple of clicks, subtitles are ready to go as their own file. It's a small change that has a big impact, simplifying life significantly.
“The number one thing is just that Murf’s voices are realistic and easy to use. If you're doing e-learning, I'd recommend it over a real voice any day.”

Need to Create Voiceovers?

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