Baptist Health Creates 2X Faster Voiceovers with Murf

Founded in 1924, Baptist Health is a leading health system focused on improving community health across Kentucky and Indiana. The network spans nine hospitals and over 400 care points, including clinics and urgent care centers. It's renowned for being the first U.S. health system to achieve top nursing excellence recognitions for all its hospitals.
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Faster voiceover production
Dependence on in-house talents
Natural-sounding voiceovers


Relying on subject matter experts for voiceovers, leads to two significant issues: it sidetracks them from their primary roles in content creation and often results in low-quality voiceovers that require extensive editing.


Adopting Murf streamlines voiceover production by eliminating the need for internal staff involvement, shortening the production cycle by 50% and refocusing employee efforts on core content creation.
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Digital Learning
Learning & Development

Man Behind the Change

Dr. Jason Oliver, Senior Instructional Designer & E-learning Developer at Baptist Health, specializes in creating in-house e-learning materials. Voiceover production for this content has become significantly easier. Previously, relying on subject matter experts or other employees often resulted in voiceovers lacking professionalism. The adoption of Murf has been a game-changer, opening new avenues for e-learning content development.
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Learning & Development

Difficulties in Voiceover Production at
Baptist Health

Limited In-House Talent for Voiceovers
Baptist Health faces a scarcity of in-house talent capable of producing high-quality voiceovers, as few employees possess the necessary skills or equipment.
Time-Consuming Production and Editing Process
The responsibility of editing voiceovers and coaching individuals becomes overly burdensome, particularly for team members like Jason, diverting their focus from other important projects.
Quality Concerns with Existing Solutions
Before turning to Murf, the use of various text-to-speech tools did not provide the robustness or quality they sought. Additionally, depending on subject matter experts or team members, often resulted in voiceovers that didn't meet their high standards.
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Enhancing Voiceover Quality and Efficiency with Murf

High-Quality Professional Voiceovers
Murf's natural-sounding voices provide a ready solution to the challenge of limited in-house voiceover talent. Without the need for specialized skills or equipment, the platform delivers high-quality voiceovers at a minimal cost.
Seamless Workflows for Professional Voiceovers
Murf helps Baptist Health cut down voiceover production and editing time by 50%. This efficiency gain enables team members, including Jason, to focus more on content development and less on the technicalities of audio editing, speeding up project timelines.
Achieving Consistent Quality in Voiceovers
Murf's advanced voice technology significantly outperforms previous text-to-speech tools and internal recordings by team members. Baptist Health now consistently delivers high-quality, clear, and engaging voiceovers.
“We're able to prototype a lot quicker, get samples out to the stakeholders and the subject matter experts. And also take some of that burden off them, so they can focus more on their content.”

Murf's Role in Creating New Possibilities at Baptist Health

Baptist Health faces a scarcity of in-house talent capable of producing high-quality voiceovers, as few employees possess the necessary skills or equipment.
With an aim to cater to its linguistically diverse workforce, Baptist Health is initiating multilingual content creation using Murf’s translation features.
The organization plans to extend the usage of Murf among developers, recognizing its potential to enhance productivity.
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"Murf provides a very robust tool that helps us stay within the price range. And that's one of the reasons I would like to expand the offering to other potential developers here at Baptist Health."

Jason's Most-Loved Features

Intuitive and easy to learn software, with a clean interface and user-friendly design.
Pronunciations are easy to tweak.
Flexible audio exporting options support both individual pieces and entire content, improving the overall testing and integration process.

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