How to sync voice over to video?

If you have multiple clips, you can adjust the size of the voice block to match every clip so that each voice over plays at the right time. This can be done from the bottom timeline as shown below. Alternatively, you can add pauses in between your script from the top menu to adjust the timing of your voice with video. The same process applies to background music as well. You can create empty text blocks to use as fillers to…

How to adjust music and voice over volume/loudness?

In the ‘Settings’ tab on the top menu, you will find an option called ‘Loudness’. This allows you to set the loudness of the music and voice over as per your need. Pro Tip: You can check the exact LUFS value right below the slider for precise requirements.

How to add emphasis to a specific word?

Using the ‘Emphasis’ feature from the top menu, you can add up to 5 node points to add emphasis to a sentence. If you’d like to add emphasis on a specific word, increase the curve to 100% and reduce the curve of the surrounding words of the sentence. Note: The emphasis feature is available for more than 50% of the voices on the platform. Some voices do not have an emphasis feature.

How to download a single block and sentence?

Block: We currently do not have a block-level download feature available. Sentence: You can select the sentence that you wish to download and a download button will appear in the top menu on the extreme right-hand side.

What is Voice Generation Time (VGT)? How is the VGT calculated? 

VGT is the time that is taken into account based on the duration of the audio file for which the speech is being generated. Voice Generation Time (VGT) is calculated every time you generate voice from text using any of the three options to generate audio (Project, block and sentence level). The generated audio file's duration in seconds is deducted from your available balance which can be tracked from the top of your screen in the Studio. This is irrespective of whether…

How to add or delete additional text boxes within a block?

Click on any text block and a plus sign will appear in the top menu on the extreme left-hand side. You will have an option of adding a text box (para) before or after the currently selected box. How to add a block : How to delete a block :

Where do my downloads get saved?

By default, downloads are saved in the ’Downloads’ folder in your system. You can check your browser’s ’Downloads’ folder as well in case you are unable to find the file in your system.

Can I add closed captions/subtitles to my video?

Unfortunately, we do not have a subtitling option available at the moment.

How to reduce the pause in between sentences?

In the Studio, the pause between two text boxes (sentences) within a text block is slightly longer than the pause between two sentences when pasted/typed in the same text box. Switching off the ’Auto-Splitting’ feature or inserting two sentences in the same text box will slightly reduce the pause.

How to rename downloaded files?

All files downloaded are saved as 'Murf' followed by a unique number. Unfortunately, there is currently no feature to rename downloaded files. You can do this manually by renaming files in the Downloads folder in your system.

How to upload a voice over?

You can upload your voice over from either the 'Upload soundtrack’ option under the 'Audio/Music’ tab or the ‘Upload voice over’ option under the 'AI Changer’ tab. The difference being, when uploaded through 'AI Changer’, your voice over is automatically transcribed to text format once uploaded.

How to adjust the video size?

From the 'Settings' option in the top menu, select ‘Video Size’. You will find preset dimensions for all mainstream platforms(i.e: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, etc) and also have an option to set a custom size.

How to record voice over in the Studio?

Unfortunately, we do not have an option to record your voice over directly in the Studio at the moment. You will need to use a third-party app to record your voice over and then upload it into the Studio as an mp3 file.

What is the ‘AI Changer’ and what does it do?

The ‘AI Changer’ feature allows you to upload any personal voice recording, to convert your voice over into an AI-generated voice over. It can also be used to edit (trim and mute) parts of your recording, while retaining the original voice. Once you upload your recording, it will be transcribed to text and appear in text blocks. You now have the option to either edit the recording by selecting any phrases or words and right-clicking it, or you can convert the…

What are phonemes and how to use them?

In phonology and linguistics, a phoneme is a unit of sound that can distinguish one word from another in a particular language. IPA Phonemes can be used in Murf Studio to help arrive at accurate pronunciations of words. From the top menu, select the ‘Pronunciation’ button > Switch on advance options and use the toggle ‘Phoneme’ to switch it on. You can find IPA phonemes for required words from multiple websites. Here are a few you can use for reference:…

How to delete Text/Audio/Image/Video blocks?

Select the block from the bottom timeline and right-click and select ‘Delete’.

How to save changes made to my project?

All changes are auto-saved in the studio as long as you are connected to the internet.

How to rearrange text/voice blocks?

Right-click the desired block from the bottom timeline and you can move it left or right.

What does 'Failed to synthesize voice' mean?

There are a few reasons why this error would occur. If your current plan has expired then all premium features will be disabled. If you are on a Basic plan and are using a Pro voice. If your payment method has failed due to which your plan has not been renewed.

How to download my project?

Downloads are available only for Paid accounts. Once you use the ’Build Audio’/ ‘Build Video’ button the download button will appear.

How do I add pauses to my voice over?

Select the position in the sentence within the text block where you want to insert pause and choose the pause option from the top menu. Stretch voice block from bottom timeline to increase pause at the end of the block.