How to create a voice over?

Kindly head to the Studio, enter/upload a script, select a voice, and fine-tune the voiceover by adding features like speed, pauses, pitch, emphasis, and pronunciation. Then generate the voice, preview, and share (Downloads are only available in our Paid plans).

To generate voiceover, you can type, copy-paste, or import the document containing your script/text.

  • Here is the guide on Studio Basics and adding your script/text to the Studio.
  • Here’s how you generate the voiceover for the text entered
  • Here’s the guide on formatting your script for different use cases
  • Here’s the guide on previewing the final voiceover for your text

Our voices are trained on voice actors to sound more life-like, and we have features like Emphasis, Pause, Speed, Pitch, and Tone (available with only select voices) to add more nuance to the narration. These features are intuitive and make a huge difference in how life-like your voiceover sounds.

Here is a link to our Studio-docs. This has all the information regarding Murf and Studio 2.0.

This should get you started with creating voiceovers with our platform. :)