How do I add pauses to my voice over?

The pause feature is an essential tool for syncing voice-over videos and presentations. Adding pauses also aids in achieving a more realistic output. There are a total of 3 ways to add a pause in the script: Pre-defined pauses Punctuations Increasing block size

How to transcribe an audio file?

Version 1.0 You can either upload your recording from the ‘Audio/Music’ tab or the ‘AI Changer’ tab. The ‘AI Changer’ tab will automatically transcribe your recording once it has been uploaded. The ‘Audio/Music’ upload will leave the option up to you whether you’d like to transcribe it. Simply select the audio clip from the bottom timeline and the transcribe button will appear in the top menu. Version 2.0 Head to the Voice Changer feature present in the left hand side menu. Upload…

How to transcribe voice in Murf Studio?

You can edit your recorded voice using the text-based editing feature in Murf Studio. First, upload your audio and transcribe. Your voice-over would be converted to editable text format where you can delete or mute specific words or parts of the script.

How to add a voice over to a Powerpoint presentation?

Step 1 - Export your presentation as Image Format from PowerPoint Step 2 - Create a Project and Upload Slides in Murf Studio Step 3 - Enter your script Step 4 - Choose Voice for voice over in PowerPoint and Background Music Step 5 - Adjust the timing of voice and visuals Step 6 - Render Video and Download For a detailed explanantion, check out this blog

How to add a voice over to a Google slides presentation?

Step 1- Download your presentation as PPT and open in Microsoft PowerPoint as you can only download individual slides in Google Slides Step 2 - Export as images from Microsoft PowerPoint Step 3 - Create a Project and Upload Slides in Murf Studio Step 4 - Enter your script Step 5 - Choose Voice for voice over in PowerPoint and Background Music Step 6 - Adjust the timing of voice and visuals Step 7 - Render Video and Download For a detailed…

How to add a voice over to a video?

Step 1 - Create a new project and upload your video Step 2 - Enter script for voice over Step 3 - Select voice and styling options Step 4 - Adjust the timing of voice over with scenes in your video Step 5 - Click ‘Build Video’ and preview with voice over You could also check out this blog for a detailed step by step explanation: 

How does transcription time work?

The transcription time is used when you have a recorded voice over or video and you want to transcribe that to text format. The length of your audio clip will be the amount of transcription time that will be deducted from your total transcription time.

Why is the video I uploaded not playing in the video player?

Click ‘Build Video’

I am unable to hear the audio in my video. What do I do?

Click ‘Build Audio’

How do I rearrange media and text blocks?

Select the desired block in the timeline at the bottom and right-click > Move to left/Move to the right.

When I copy and paste the text into the text box, the text automatically splits the paragraphs into sentences, can this be changed?

Yes, under the ‘Settings’ tab you will find an option to ‘Enable’/ ‘Disable’ auto splitting of paragraphs into sentences.

Will I get a commission every time a user upgrades their plan?

Yes, but only corresponding to the plan chosen.

What if I am already an affiliate with another voice-over provider?

We would still be happy to work with you, as long as you have an audience who can benefit from our product.

Is there a discount coupon for my audience?

We value the hard work you put in to spread the word for us and would like you to get the maximum rewards for it. So, we do not offer discounts to new users, rather a recurring commission to our affiliate partners.

When and where are affiliate payments made?

Affiliate commissions are approved on the first working day of each month. Payments are sent out by the 30th of the month for the previous month. Payments are made to verified Paypal accounts.

How long does the cookie last?

If visitors use your link, they will be attributed for 90 days. If they sign up for a paid account within 90 days of clicking a link, you get the commission.