How to invite team members to my account?

Head to the ‘My Account' page. On the left-hand side, there will be an option to invite a user. Enter a team member's email address, and they will receive an invitation link to their email ID. Once they accept it, they will be added to your team.

How do I delete my account?

Delete Account Once the "Delete My Account" button is clicked, you'll receive a pop-up prompting to confirm. Upon confirmation, your account will be added to the terminated list. Please reach out via email or chat if you want the account to be taken off the list.

Can I link another email account to my current/paid account?

Yes, you can add additional users to your plan directly from the pricing page. Here are the team size limits for each plan: Basic: 1 - 10 users Pro: 1- 10 users Enterprise: 5 - 25+ users

How do I reset my password?

You will find a ‘Reset Password’ option in the Login popup. If you are currently logged in, use the logout option in the dropdown menu on the top right side of the page. Then click on Studio icon -> You'd find a ‘Reset Password’ option at the bottom left hand side of the popup. Click on “Profile settings” right next to your profile on the “My Account” page Here you can: Change your subscription preferences Reset password Reset email address Delete acocunt