How does adding or removing users affect billing?

Editor seats (incl. admin seats) are billed as per Pricing Plans. Viewers are free of cost and are not billed. You can add unlimited viewers to your workspace.

Adding an Editor Seat :

If you are on a paid plan, you can seats by going to pricing page or from Add seats button that shows up when you invite an editor.

When you add an editor seat, we'll charge you a pro-rated amount equivalent to Per seat price x time (no. of days) remaining in the billing periodWe send out invoices every month and you can go to My Account > Workspace Settings > Invoices to access past invoices.

Removing an Editor Seat :

Depending on the plan and the role, you can change the role of an editor to a viewer or remove an editor from the workspace. If you want reduce the number of editor seats in your plan, please write to us at