Can Murf sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Yes, we can. Please write to us at with your requirements.

What payment methods do you accept for Enterprise plans?

For our Enterprise accounts, we offer the choice to pay using a credit card or bank transfer as per your convenience. Please write to our sales team at for more detailed information on offline bank transfers.

Who can move projects across folders?

Only the admin user can move projects across workspaces or move a project out of a folder. Click here to learn more.

Who can create,edit and delete folders and sub-folders in an Enterprise account?

Create and Edit Folder: Delete Folder: Click here to learn more on Enterpise account permissions.

Who can access the projects that I created before I became part of an Enterprise team on Murf?

You can either have a personal or a team account within Murf. If you are the admin of the new team, then your projects in the ‘Home Directory’ will become accessible to all team members. Your projects in folders will remain inaccessible until you explicitly grant access. If you switch from a personal to a team member account, you will lose access to your projects and gain access to the team projects.

How to create private folders?

Click on Create Folder on top right corner of studio home Name the Folder Select who can access the Folder with Public/Private toggle (available only on enterprise plan) You can also invite team members, co-workers or stakeholders to edit/view the folder. Click on Create to complete creating a new folder You can see all your folder from Home or on the Side bar. Folders are identified by Grey colored icons with their respective names on the side bar.

Can two or more users work on the same project?

Multiple users can access the same project at the same time, changes would get updated automatically. However, only one user can edit the project at a time and others can view the changes. If you have ‘Edit’ access to the project folder and another user is currently editing a particular project, you can take control by going to the top panel where you will see the name of the team member who is currently editing. Hover the mouse over their name and…

What happens when a team member leaves?

The ‘Admin/Owner’ of the workspace canremove a team member unilaterally. However, when a team member leaves, the admin will retain access to their projects. These can also be later shared with other team members for future editing.

Who can add/remove team members in an Enterprise account?

Only the Admin/Owner of the account can add and revmove Editors and Viewers. You can find a detailed breakup of the permissions here.

How does the Enterprise plan work?

Each enterprise account will have an ‘Admin’ account that will have complete control over all projects and users. The voice-over generation time allotted to each Enterprise subscription is calculated from a central pool and all the features would be accessible to the team. All projects are visible to the ’Admin’ account by default and ‘read’/ ‘edit’ access on projects by other users can be set by the admin.

Do you offer any discounts?

Yes, we offer a 20% discount on subscriptions for students, educational institutions and not for profit organizations. If you are a student, you can send a copy of your valid Student ID card to Educational institutions and non--profit organizations can sign up using this link:

Can I downgrade my plan?

There is no self service downgrade option at the moment. You will have to cancel your current planand wait till the end of your illing cycle and then can reapply for the desired plan. Please note that refunds will not be eligible for downgrades if the account has already been used. All previous projects and voices will stay intact. If you have bought and annual plan by mistake and want to downgrade to a monthly subscription, kindly contact us via chat or…

Can I cancel a subscription anytime?

Yes, the subscription can be canceled at any point by following the steps given below: Once the subscription has been canceled, no further transactions will be made on your account. Your voice generation minutes, download access, and premium features will be available to use only until the end of your current billing cycle. Here are our refund terms and conditions. If you are eligible for a refund, kindly send us an email at

Do the minutes carry over from my previous subscription?

Voice generation time purchased with any plan is only valid for the duration of the current subscription. It does not carry forward to the subsequent billing cycle and is reset at the end of every cycle. Click here to learn more.

I forgot to cancel my subscription, will I get a refund?

Sure, no problem, as long as your plan is within our refund policy terms, you can reach out to us on chat or at and we'll process the refund within 1-3 business days. Please do not use the account in this time, as refunds against used accounts will not be eligible.

How do I change my payment method?

Head to My Account > Workspace Settings Billing and Payments > Update Billing Details (Redirect to Stripe) Payment Method > 3 dots menu Or Add apyment method Click here to learn more.