How do I track my commissions?

After you sign up, you will get a dashboard to see all your stats and payments via Link Mink, a third-party affiliate software.

Can I apply changes (Voice, speed, pitch, style, and volume) to an entire project or block?

Version 1.0 Yes, under the ‘Settings’ tab you can choose whether you want to apply changes to the entire project, block, or even sentence. This new feature allows users to apply the settings of a desired block to the whole project. Settings such as: Voice actor, Speed, Pitch and Voice Style. Here are the steps involved: Kindly select the block that is to be replicated in the porject. Left-click on the three dots in the block's top right corner to view the block…

How do I track my VGT?

You can keep track of VGT through your My Account page Voice Generation Time: The minutes bought with your subscriptions. (Expires at the end of your billing cycle) Additional Voice Generation Time: The minutes bought with a top-up plan. (No expiry) Transcription minutes: The minutes used when transcribing audio from an uploaded file using Voice Changer.

What are the Download formats supported in the Studio?

Audio: MP3, FLAC, a-LAW, μ-LAW and WAV Quality: Low: 8KHz, 16bit Medium: 24KHz, 16bit High: 48KHz, 16bit Channel: Stereo Mono Video: MP4 and MOV Include subtitle in video Script: DOCX, TXT, VTT and SRT Include pause Merge sub-blocks

What are the Upload formats supported in the Studio?

Image: JPEG/PNG Audio: MP3 Video: MP4 and MOV Text: DOCX, TXT and SRT

Can I upload a word file?

Murf offers the option to upload your script directly within the Studio. This gives the freedom to directly import large documents instead of copying and pasting them in the studio. For more details visit Working with the Studio: Script

What is Murf's Policy on profanity?

In the interest of protecting the rights and integrity of our voice actor partner community, our Terms of Service restricts Murf Studio users from creating such content. Please refer to our Terms of Service to know more about our content policies. To the best of your knowledge, if your script includes any words or phrases which violate our Terms of Service, we request you to remove such content from Murf Studio projects. However, If you believe that your project does not contain…

Who will have the commercial rights to the content created in Murf Studio?

You would have commercial rights to use the voice overs generated for videos on YouTube or any other platform. You should be able to monetize that as well as long as your text content is original and does not have any copyright conflict. Youtube policy keeps changing, make sure to check their privacy policy as well.

Can Murf sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Yes, we can. Please write to us at with your requirements.

What payment methods do you accept for Enterprise plans?

For our Enterprise accounts, we offer the choice to pay using a credit card or bank transfer as per your convenience. Please write to our sales team at for more detailed information on offline bank transfers.

Who can move projects across workspaces?

Only the admin user can move projects across workspaces or move a project out of a workspace into the ‘Home Directory’.

Who can create new workspaces or delete existing workspaces in an Enterprise account?

Any team member can create a New Workspace and create or delete projects within that. However, only the 'Admin' user can delete existing workspaces in an Enterprise account. Sub-folders within a workspace are currently not supported.

Who can access the projects that I created before I became part of an Enterprise team on Murf?

You can either have a personal or a team account within Murf. If you are the admin of the new team, then your projects in the ‘Home Directory’ will become accessible to all team members. Your projects in folders will remain inaccessible until you explicitly grant access. If you switch from a personal to a team member account, you will lose access to your projects and gain access to the team projects.

What if I want some projects to be accessible to all team members and some to be accessible to limited team members?

That's possible too. Projects in the 'Home Directory' of the 'Admin' account will be accessible to all team members by default. Projects in the folders will only be accessible to team members based on the specific folder level access specified by the admin.

What privileges do team members have?

Team members have the choice to accept or reject an invite to be a part of a team plan. If they accept, they can view or edit any projects that they have access to. Team members can create new Workspaces and manage projects within that. They can also create new projects in the home directory or in a folder for which they have ‘Edit’ access . By default, the admin will have access to all projects created by team members. 

Can two or more users work on the same project?

Multiple users can access the same project at the same time, changes would get updated automatically. However, only one user can edit the project at a time and others can view the changes. If you have ‘Edit’ access to the project folder and another user is currently editing a particular project, you can take control by going to the top panel where you will see the name of the team member who is currently editing. Hover the mouse over their name and…