How to create a voice over?

Kindly head to the Studio, enter/upload a script, select a voice, and fine-tune the voiceover by adding features like speed, pauses, pitch, emphasis, and pronunciation. Then generate the voice, preview, and share (Downloads are only available in our Paid plans). To generate voiceover, you can type, copy-paste, or import the document containing your script/text. Our voices are trained on voice actors to sound more life-like, and we have features like Emphasis, Pause, Speed, Pitch, and Tone (available with only select voices) to…

What is the process involved in voice cloning?

Regarding your query, the process of creating an AI voice (Voice Cloning feature) from recorded samples has a separate process and is not self-serve at the moment. Here is a brief on the process that we follow: Murf will have the script prepared and shared to record/read for a specified tonality. We would require ~1-2 hrs of recordings for a given voice style. The recording must be noise-free and should have been done in a professional studio environment. The output should be…

Can I clone my voice?

Thank you for your interest in our voice cloning services. While we do offer voice cloning, we regret to inform you that it is not a DIY solution. Our voice cloning services are specifically tailored for enterprises and businesses, and require a high level of expertise and technology to ensure quality and accuracy. If you are interested in learning more, kindly head to our Voice Cloning page and fill in the required details. Our concerned team will get back to you with…

Can I download during the free trial?

No, unlimited downloads are only included in all our paid plans. The free trial is primarily for the purpose of testing all voices and features in the Studio.

Why can I not download after purchasing a plan? 

There are a couple of reasons for downloads to be blocked after purchasing a paid one: If you have just purchased a plan and cannot download your project, kindly refresh the page, as it can take a couple of moments for the plan to reflect in your account. Kindly check if the voice used is a Pro or Basic voice. Pro voices can only be accessed with a Pro plan. Head to the Voices menu and enable the "Hide Pro Voices toggle." You…

Do you provide an API?

Yes, we do offer API services. Our API service is currently limited to only select English voices. Please proceed to the following API page and provide your contact information and the use case. You will hear from a concerned team member as soon as possible. If you do not own a business email address, kindly email us at with your use case and requirements and our team will get back to you at the earliest. In the meantime, feel free to explore…

Can I upload a text/word file?

Yes, using the Script feature, you can upload the following text format files: There is a 15,000-word limit for each file being uploaded. If your file is more than 15,000 words, we recommend breaking your script into multiple parts before uploading.

Can I upload a PDF file?

Unfortunately, we currently do not support uploading PDF files. You would need to use third-party software to convert your pdf to a Word document, which can then be uploaded to the Studio via the Script Upload feature. 

Where do my downloads get saved?

By default, downloads are saved in your system's Downloads’ folder. You can also check your browser's Downloads folder if you cannot find the file in your system.

Can I add subtitles to my video?

Yes, your script can be added as a subtitle file to your final downloaded video. At the time of export, enable the "Subtitles" check box in the Export window as shown below: For more information, refer to Working with the Studio: Video Export.

How to rename downloaded files?

All files downloaded are saved as the name of the project. When downloading a Sub-block and Block, the name of the file would be saved as Sub-block: 'first few words of the subblock' & Block: 'first few words of the Block.' To rename files, you would need to do so once they have been downloaded onto your system.

How to adjust the video size?

Videos can be built in four predefined resolutions. However, custom pixel resolution can also be entered. The Studio has an upper pixel limit of 1920px. Click here to learn more. Landscape: 1920x1080 Portrait: 1080x1920 Square: 1080x1080 Sqarish: 1280x1024

Can I record my voice in the Studio?

Unfortunately, we do not have an option to record your voice over directly in the Studio at the moment. You will need to use a third-party app to record your voice over and then upload it into the Studio as an mp3 file.

How to sync voice over to video?

If you have multiple clips, you can adjust the size of the voice block to match every clip so that each voiceover plays at the right time. This can be done from the bottom timeline, as shown below. Alternatively, you can add pauses in between your script from the top menu to adjust the timing of your voice with video. The exact process applies to background music as well. You can create empty text blocks to use as fillers to help sync…

How to adjust music and voice over volume/loudness?

Volume Mixer Click on the speaker icon to change the volume. The mic icon controls the voiceover volume. The video icon controls the volume of the video. The music icon controls the volume of the background music. Auto Ducking With the auto-ducking option enabled, the Loudness of background music gets automatically lowered when the system detects a voice-over being played simultaneously. There are three levels available for Auto Ducking: The blue indicator(Music) corresponds to the Loudness of the music when the voice-over…

What is the ‘AI Changer’ and what does it do?

The AI changer feature allows users to upload an audio or video file containing speech, transcribe it (speech to text), and then convert it to any of Murf's AI voices. To convert your audio files to text and into an AI voice, please click on the Voice changer and upload an Mp3 or Mp4 file. Kindly click on this link to view a detailed guide of our Voice changer in the Studio 2.0