How to create a voice-over?

  • STEP 1: Input Text:
    First, select the text box and type in any sample text.  You can also copy and paste the script you have already written. 

  • STEP 2: Choose a voice:
    From the top menu select the “Voices” tab > Once selected you will find drop-down menus with language and different voices options available for each language. You can listen to a sample of the voice by clicking on the play button next to each voice actor. 

  • STEP 3: Generate Audio:
    You can generate audio at 3 different levels. 

    • Project Level: Generate entire project audio using the ‘Build Audio’ button located above the preview panel on the right. 

    • Block Level: The generate audio button at the top of the text block will generate and play the audio for that individual text block

    • Sentence Level: The generate audio button present on the right to the text box will generate audio for that particular sentence only.