How do I invite a team member to Murf?

Linked Accounts

Invite a user

  • Invited users will share the VGT and collaborate as long as  the admin is subscribed to a Pro or Enterprise plan. 
  • The number of members that can be invited depends on your plan. 
  • To invite a user, simply click on the "Invite a user", add the email address you'd like to link, confirm the verification email sent to the address, and that's it! 
  • Murf allows users to invite non-users, but to be able to access the Studio, they'd have to create an account.             

Note: Once a user is inked to an Admin account, their existing projects in Murf, if any, will not be accessible until your account is de-linked.

Remove a user

  • Click on the “x” to the right side of the linked account(s).