Youtube Codes

Background music is a critical element of any video or audio content. A good soundtrack magnifies impact of your content and keeps your audience engaged. With Murf studio, you can choose a soundtrack from a library of 8000+ stock music tracks to add to your voiceover. However, you'll have to paste youtube codes to avoid any content claims. Your Murf subscription gives you gives you all the rights you need to use Soundstripe music on YouTube and many social media platforms.

What are content claims?

YouTube programmatically identifies copyrighted music in any video, and automatically issues a content claim for that video.  Murf users can clear these claims semalessly without having to dispute manually.

What are youtube codes?

YouTube code is a one time use alpha-numeric text that needs to be present in the YouTube video's description when uploading it on Youtube. Youtube code is a simple to avoid any content claim disputes automatically.

How to add youtube codes when uploading content with stock music?

Adding youtuve codes when uploading stock music is easy.

1. For each soundtrack, song or background music used from Murf's library, Murf's paid subscribers can download a one-time use YouTube code along with the video or audio download.

2. After downloading YouTube codes from Murf, you can copy/paste it into the video’s description when you upload it to YouTube. 

3. Codes must be formatted and added in a single line of text. Here's a 16-digit reference YouTube code - "PN45SIRGYI4XZBXU".

And that's it. You are ready to use the soundtrack without any content claims.

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