Voice Generation Time (VGT)

How is VGT calculated?

Voice generation time is calculated as the sum of the generated speech lengths in every sub-block.

When does it get consumed?

VGT is consumed every time you render a newly created sub-block or modify text in an existing sub-block using any of the three generate (play button) options available in the Studio (block, sub-block, and project level).

The voice generation time consumed to convert text to speech will be equal to the length of a particular text block. When text is added or modified in a subblock, audio is generated for the entire subblock one more time.

For example, a 1,000-word English script would consume ~10 minutes of VGT. (This is an approimate value and will vary based on the script, voice selected and speed of the voice over.)

Does changing voice settings consume VGT?

No, modifying the generated speech using a different voice actor, style, pitch, speed, pause, emphasis, pronunciation, punctuation, and volume for the same text will not consume any voice generation time.

VGT Validity

Voice generation time purchased with any plan is only valid for the duration of the current subscription. It does not carry forward to the subsequent billing cycle and is reset at the end of every cycle.

Monthly plan:

VGT purchased with a monthly subscription is only valid for the current month's billing cycle.

Yearly plans:

VGT purchased with a yearly subscription has no monthly limits and can be used as per your convenience until the end of your annual billing cycle.
Let's say you take the Basic Yearly Plan. Your voice generation time would be 24 hours per year per user, which means you could use up more than 2 hours in some months and less in others.

Increasing your VGT

If the voice generation time is exhausted before the end of your billing cycle, then there are three options to choose from:

  • Add an additional seat to the plan. Every additional seat purchased will add additional VGT to your account.
    Ex: Each seat on a basic monthly plan adds 2 hours of VGT per month to the account.
  • Upgrade to a higher subscription. (Basic to Pro; Monthly to Yearly)
  • Cancel the subscription and purchase it again. (Contact Support)