Understanding Workspaces

In this section, you’ll learn about Murf’s Workspaces and how to make the most of them.

  1. What is a Workspace?
  2. Creating a Workspace
  3. Joining a Workspace
  4. Workspace Limits

What is a Workspace?

Workspace is where you create projects, organize your projects into folders, and invite your teammates to collaborate with your projects. Your account on Murf comes with one free workspace and unlimited paid workspaces. Your workspace is your home on Murf studio.

There are 2 types of workspaces

  • Free Workspace : Free workspace comes with 3 free editor seats and 10 mins of voice generation time for every added user. You cannot download your projects with a free workspace.

  • Paid Workspace : Paid workspace comes with unlimited editors & viewers. Editors are priced per seat as per the plan your workspace is on.

You can invite your team members from your workspace home page, workspace settings and while sharing folders or projects.

Creating a Workspace

A free workspace is created for every user who signs up on Murf. 

First time user : When you sign up on Murf, your first workspace will be created for free. 

First time user, invited by an existing user : When you signup on Murf using an invite link, you will join a workspace of an existing user. You will also have a free workspace created for yourself.

Existing user, invited by another user : If you are invited to a workspace by another user, you will become member of their workspace when you click on the invite link. You can also access your existing workspace(s).

Joining a Workspace

You can join a workspace only upon invitation by members of the workspace.

Join as a Viewer : When you join as a viewer, you will be able to view the folders and projects you are given access to.

For eg., if you are invited to join as a viewer at workspace level, you will be able view contents of the entire workspace, whereas if you are invited to view only a single project, you can only view the project your are invited to.

Join as an Editor : When you join as an editor, you will be able to edit the folders and projects you are given access to. 

Join as an Admin : When you join as an admin, alongiwth editing all folders & projects, you will also be able to manager workspace settings like subscription & billing, access control etc.,

Workspace Limits

You can create as many paid workspaces as you want, however, you can only create only 1 free workspace.

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