ūüŹ†Studio Home

Create and manage projects and workspaces from the 'Studio Home Page'

On the left side of the screen are navigation tabs, namely:

  • My projects
  • Templates
  • My account ¬†

 My Projects

  • Create and manage projects and workspaces on this page.
  • The view can be toggled between grid to list view using the buttons on the top right corner below the profile icon.
  • When viewing projects in the 'list view', they can be sorted by 'Name' and 'Created date'.
  • All team members can view projects present in the Team Workspace by default.
  • Individual Workspaces can be found below the Team Workspace.

Create a Project

  • Click on a create a new project.
  • Give a name to the project and upload images/videos here.¬†
  • Wish to create only voiceovers? Click on 'Upload later'.

Duplicate a project

Projects can be duplicated in the studio to let you experiment more while having a backup.

  • To duplicate a project, click on the copy icon on the top right corner of the project tile.
  • In the following pop-up, enter a name for the duplicate project, and choose a workspace to save the duplicate.
  • Click on 'Clone project'. The duplicate project will be created in the chosen destination.

Delete a project

  • Click on the delete icon on the top right corner of the project tile.
  • A pop-up will prompt confirmation; click on 'Move to Trash' to confirm.

Note: The Admin and the linked users can delete projects in the shared workspace.

Trash Bin

  • The trash button is available on the left bottom of the studio home
  • Deleting from trash deletes the project permanently
  • The project stays in the trash until account termination and unless the user does not delete it from the trash.


  • Project deletion recovery is currently available only for Pro and Enterprise users.¬†
  • Only admins can restore projects and have the option to pick which workspace to restore them to.
  • For people on plans without the trash feature, projects get deleted immediately.
  • Moving to a higher plan later does not show projects deleted before the upgrade.

Move a Project

  • Projects can be moved to any workspace of your choice.
  • To move the project, drag and drop it on top of any workspace.
  • The project will be moved to the new workspace.


What is a workspace?

  • Workspaces in Murf Studio work similarly to folders used to organise your projects and Studio Home.
  • Users can create multiple workspaces to collaborate with team members¬†
  • Creating Workspaces also helps manage your projects' permissions between team members.¬†

Creating a Workspace:

  • Click on 'Create Workspace' and enter the name for that workspace in the pop-up and click 'Create workspace'.
  • The new workspace is now created.
  • Click on the created workspace to access it.
  • Only the Admin can create a new project inside the workspace unless the user creates that workspace.
  • If the linked users want to create a new project in one of the workspaces, they have to create a new workspace and then move it to the workspace they want.

Manage Permissions

  • Only the Admin can manage permissions for the workspaces.¬†
  • The Admin can choose to provide read, edit, or no access to the workspace for the users.
  • Click on the 'Manage permissions' button on the top right corner of the page inside the workspace.
Types of permissions:
  • None: The workspace folder will not be visible to the user in their account.
  • Read: Users can only view the projects in the workspace or can duplicate and work on a copy of that Project.
    • Users can also request edit access from within the Project by using the Project Access button present at the top of the page.¬†
    • When the user requests to edit the Project, the Admin will receive an email. Then the Admin can provide the edit access in the 'Manage Permissions.
  • Edit: Users can edit, download and also delete the Project.

My Account

Manage your account on this page:

  • Billing Information
  • Plan Details
  • Reset Email and Password¬†
  • Subscription Preferences.¬†

 Users can access the My Account page in the following two ways.

  • Profile- The 'Profile' icon on the top right corner.
  • Left-hand side of the Studio Home page