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More about Murf Studio 2.0

Murf studio helps creators of all kinds at large and small businesses create stunning voiceovers using AI. The brand new Murf studio home makes it easy to collaborate with your coworkers and team members while helping you organize your projects in a more structured manner.

We aren’t removing any of the features you used in the older version of Studio Home, here are 3 key improvements to know about :

1. Workspaces that inspire productivity & collaboration

Murf's workspace is made for great organization and fast collaboration. Workspaces let you invite your team members and stakeholders to see your work & share feedback instantaneously. You can also share specific folders and projects with your team.

2. A new navigation experience to organize Folders & Projects

The new homepage lets you access all your folders and projects alongwith organization and collaboration features from a well-organised menu & layout. Anything you want to do, is just one click away. The new navigation is clean and predictable, items on the menu doesn't disappear as you navigate through your projects & folders.

3. A sleek look & feel

Designed to feel lighter and easy to use. The new typography, UI and design language aims to make the platform more intuitive. With improved look and feel, all powerful features are on tips. We have revamped how you interact with Murf's studio home.


Create Voiceovers in a jiffy, with Murf Studio.

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