Permissions & Privacy

In this article, you'll learn about managing permissions of your Workspace, Folders & Projects.

For Free/Basic/Pro Plans

*All the editors in Workspaces with Free, Basic & Pro plans can manage permissions of Workspace, Folders & projects.

Adding an Editor to WorkspaceYesYesNo
Adding a Viewer to WorkspaceYesYesYes
Remove an EditorYesYesNo
Create/Edit a FolderYesYesNo
Create a Sub Folder
(Only in Enterprise Plan)
Create/Edit ProjectsYesYesNo
Share a FolderYesYesOnly with a Viewer
Share a ProjectYesYesYes
Manage PaymentsYesYesNo
Delete WorkspaceYesNoNo
Delete FolderYes
(any folder)
(only own)
Delete ProjectYesYesNo

For Enterprise Plans

*Enterprise plan gives lot of control to the admin of the workspace. Only Admin can manage Permissions and Privacy at Workspace level.

Adding an Editor to WorkspaceYesNoNo
Adding a Viewer to WorkspaceYesNoNo
Remove an EditorYesNoNo
Create/Edit a FolderYesYesNo
Create a Sub FolderYesYesNo
Create/Edit ProjectsYesYesNo
Share a FolderYes 
(folders with edit access)
Only with a Viewer
Share a ProjectYesYes
(with edit/view access)
Manage PaymentsYesNoNo
Delete WorkspaceYesNoNo
Delete FolderYes
(any folder)
(only Own)
Delete ProjectYes
(any project)
(with edit access)

Configure Permissions

You can configure Permissions at 3 levels.


  1. Go to User Management Page from right corner of the Studio Home page or Project Page
  2. Click on User Management
  3. Clic on the role of any user under User Role
  4. Here, you can configure your User roles as you'd like, including view/edit access for members of your Workspace.


  1. Right Click on any Folder or Click on 3 dots on any Folder
  2. Click on Share
  3. Select if you want the folder to be Public or Private. (*Private folders available only on Enterprise Plan)
  4. Public folders are accessible to all Editors and Viewers of the Workspace.
  5. If you selected a Private Folder, add Email ids of the users you want to share the folder with.
  6. Choose Access type right next to the
  7. Click on Update send emails to users.
  8. Invited Users will be able to access the folders upon clicking the shared link received via email.
  9. Note that Subfolders are not shareable.


Project sharing and Permissions are coming soon. Use Share via Link on your project page to share projects.

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