My Account

My Account

Managing and viewing all ascpects of your account can be done from the My Account page. It can be reached through one of the following ways.

  • Studio Home
  • Profile Icon

The current plan details will be displayed on this page. The following actoins can be taken from here:

  • Link, add or remove users to your account
  • Manage Billing
  • Pricing and Plan info
  • Change profile settings.

Voice Generation Time (VGT)

Voice generation time is calculated as the sum of generated speech length of every text block. It is consumed every time you render a newly created text block or modify text in an existing text block.

Modifying the generated speech in the following ways for the same text will not consume any voice generation time:

  • Changing Voice Actor
  • Style
  • Pitch
  • Speed
  • Pause
  • Emphasis
  • Pronunciation
  • Punctuation
  • Volume

Will edits such as changing speed, pitch, voice actor, etc., consume my VGT?

No, modifying the generated speech using a different Voice actor, Style, Pitch, Speed, Pause, Emphasis, Pronunciation, Punctuation, and Volume for the same text will not consume any voice generation time.

How can I track my VGT?

VGT can be tracked from the top of your Studio Home and Project page. You can also track your account usage by heading to your Profile Page.

Additional VGT

VGT from free trials and top ups are called additional VGT. They do not have validity and get used up only after the VGT of the current plan is consumed.  

Transcription Minutes

The duration of the audio file being transcribed is deducted from the allotted time.


Free trial, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise plans have 1GB, 5GB, 20GB, and unlimited storage.

This storage includes, but is not limited to the size of your projects, files uploaded and deleted projects saved in the trash (Only Pro and Enterprise users) 

Team Size

Free trial and Basic plans only accommodate single users, while the Pro plan accommodates 1 admin and 2 team members, and the Enterprise plan accommodates 5 members and above. 

Linked Accounts

Invite a user

  • Invited users will share the VGT and collaborate as long as  the admin is subscribed to a Pro or Enterprise plan. 
  • The number of members that can be invited depends on your plan. 
  • To invite a user, simply click on the "Invite a user", add the email address you'd like to link, confirm the verification email sent to the address, and that's it! 
  • Murf allows users to invite non-users, but to be able to access the Studio, they'd have to create an account.             

Note: Once a user is inked to an Admin account, their existing projects in Murf, if any, will not be accessible until your account is de-linked.

Remove a user

  • Click on the “x” to the right side of the linked account(s).