Keyboard Shortcuts

With these new shortcuts, you can easily navigate the Studio and perform everyday actions with just a few keystrokes. Whether you're a power user looking to streamline your workflow or just prefer using your keyboard over a mouse, these shortcuts are designed to save you time and make your experience in the Studio even more efficient. 

Split Block

  • Split block and sub-blocks as per cursor position.
  • Adding a new block when the cursor is at the start or end of the sub-block
    • Windows OS:  Ctrl + Enter Key  
    • Mac OS:          Cmd + Enter Key

Go to next/previous sub-block

  • When the cursor is in the first or last postiion in the sub-block.
    • Windows & Mac OS:  ⬆️ x 2  | ⬇️ x 2

Go to begining/end of sub-block

  • When the custom is in the first or last position in the sub-block.
    • Windows & Mac OS: ⬆️ Button x 1 | ⬇️ Button x 1

Merge current block with previous

  • When cursor at the start of sub-block.
    • Windows & Mac OS:  🔙(backspace/delete key) x 2


  • The pronunciation menu can be opened even without a mouse via keyboard text selection using Ctrl/Cmd + Shift +⬅️ & ➡️key and using the⬆️ key to focus.
  • Then press Enter to open the pronunciation popup and Esc to exit.
  • If you press the ⬇️key after the text selection menu, the subblock will become active again.


  • When a block is selcted: 
    • Navigate betwen blocks: ⬅️ & ➡️ key
    • Reorder: Cmd/Ctrl + ⬅️ & ➡️ key
    • Delete Block (next block will become active): Cmd\Ctrl + Del 


  • The emphasis and render/play buttons can be trasnversed using the Tab key