Export: Voice Only

Formats Supported

  • MP3: Widely used digital audio format known for its small file size and good sound quality.
  • WAV: Uncompressed audio format that offers high quality sound but produces large file sizes.
  • FLAC:  A lossless audio format that provides high quality sound without compromising file size.
  • a-LAW & μ-LAW: Audio compression formats that are commonly used in telephony and digital voice recording.

Download As

  • Audio files can be downloaded as a Single File, or a ZIP folder with the each block and sub-block split into individual audio files.


  • Low:
    • Sampling Rate: 8 KHz
    • Bit Depth/Resolution: 16bit
  • Medium
    • Sampling Rate: 24 KHz
    • Bit Depth/Resolution: 16bit
  • High
    • Sampling Rate: 48 KHz
    • Bit Depth/Resolution: 16bit


  • Stereo: Stereo audio contains two channels, typically left and right, that create a sense of spatial dimension and separation between sounds. Stereo audio can create a more immersive and realistic listening experience.
  • Mono: Mono audio, on the other hand, only has one channel, resulting in a single audio source that is played through both speakers. Mono audio is commonly used for voice recordings and podcasts.