Folders are a great way to organize your projects & collaborate with teammates. Sharing folders helps you collaborate & get feedback faster. You can access Folder on Workspace.

In this article, you'll learn about :

  1. Understanding Folders by Plan & Role
  2. Creating Folders
  3. Creating Subfolders
  4. Sharing Folders
  5. Moving Folders
  6. Renaming & Deleting Folders

Understanding Folders

Folders work differently based on your role on a Workspace and your Workspace's plan.

Users on Free, Basic & Pro Plans 

  • Unlimited Folders can be created & shared.
  • Only Public folders are available. All folders are visible & accessible to every user who is part of the Workspace as an Admin, Editor or Viewer. To create private folders, you will need an enterprise plan
  • Nested Folders are not available. Folders can only be nested at one level. You cannot create folders within folders.
  • Admins & Editors can access, edit the properties of a folder. They can also edit all the projects inside a folder. Viewers can only view & comment on the projects inside folders.

Users on Enteprise Plan

  • Unlimited Folders, both Public & Private, can be created & shared.
  • Nested Folders are available on Enteprise plan for better orgainzation. You can create unlimited Nested folders (Nested folders are Folders inside a folder).
  • Nested Folders (Folders inside any folder) are not shareable.
  • Only Admin Users can access all the Folders & Projects.
  • Editors & Viewers can only access folders & projects that are shared with them.

Creating Folders

Folders are available in all plans. You can create only 1 folder on Free Plan and unlimited folders on Basic/Pro/Enterprise Plans.

  • Click on Create Folder on top right corner of studio home
  • Name the Folder
  • Select who can access the Folder with Public/Private toggle (available only on enterprise plan)
  • You can also invite team members, co-workers or stakeholders to edit/view the folder.
  • Click on Create to complete creating a new folder
  • You can see all your folder from Home or on the Side bar. Folders are identified by Grey colored icons with their respective names on the side bar.

Creating Sub Folders

Sub folders can help you organize your work at a more granular level. You can create a folder inside a folder at multiple levels and are available only on Enteprise Plans and are  ientified by a yellow folder icon. 

  • Once a folder has been created, a sub- folder can be created within it by clicking on Create Sub Folder from the top right of the page. 
  • Name the Folder. Sub folders derive their sharing permissions from Parent folder. There are no Sharing/Permission settings at Sub folder level.
    For eg., Sub Folder created inside a Public Folder will be public and Sub folder created inside a Private Folder/Shared Folder will be Private/Shared with same users.
  • You cannot invite team members, co-workers or stakeholders to edit/view a Sub folder.
  • You can see the location of Sub Folder as well.
  • Click on Create to complete creating a new Sub Folder
  • You can see all your Sub Folders from Home > Folders or on the Side bar by clicking on > . Sub Folders are identified by Yellow colored icons with their respective names on the side bar.

Share Folders

  • Right click the folder fromt he side bar or click on 3 dots on any Folder or 
  • Click on Share
  • Select if you want the folder to be Public or Private. (*Private folders available only on Enterprise Plan)
  • Public folders are accessible to all Editors and Viewers of the Workspace.
  • If you selected a Private Folder, add Email ids of the users you want to share the folder with.
  • Choose Access type right next to the
  • Click on Update send emails to users.
  • Invited Users will be able to access the folders upon clicking the shared link received via email.
  • Note that Subfolders are not shareable.

Moving Sub Folders

Moving is available only at Sub Folder level. Folders (grey icons) cannot be moved inside another folder. Moving Sub Folders is limited to enterprise plan only

  • Right Click on any sub folder from the side bar or Click on 3 dots on any Sub Folder.
  • Click on Move from the drop-down
  • Under Location, select the destination by clicking on any folder of your choice.
  • You can toggle and change the destination folder by navigating on the UI.
  • Click on Move to complete moving the Sub Folder to another Folder or Sub Folder.
  • Note that all the contents (Sub Folders and projects) will move to the new destination and inherit the privacy settings of that Folder.

Renaming Folders

  1. Right Click on any Folder from the side bar or Click on 3 dots on any Folder.
  2. Click on Rename from the drop-down.
  3. Change the name of the Folder/Sub Folder by typing the new name.
  4. Click on Rename to complete Renaming

Deleting Folders

  1. Right Click on any Folder from the side bar or Click on 3 dots on any Folder.
  2. Click on Delete from the drop-down.
  3. Click on Delete to confirm deletion of the Folder/ Sub Folder

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